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Enjoy this little post which is dedicated to Michael Jackson’s flawless ass. Literally.

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    In my viewing, Michael took his final bow in this scene to portray the prior whirlwind of events that took placeshowing the Mayor the madness that circulates in his body by posessing his being. The Mayor dissatisfied with Michael [The Maestro’s] action, Maestro proceeds to question the Mayor’s sincerity by speaking, “So, you still want me to go?” With the quick reply of a “Yes”, Maestro disfigures his body to show the crowd [more so the viewers, ourselves] that if it takes him vanishing for us to remember the man for what he stood for, then he’d do so in order to be remembered as a piece of something. […] He lifts his head for a final look of sympathy.

    This short movie has a large amount of foreshadowing to the timely events of Michael’s life, post 1996.

Yes - I think that is what is kind of unsettling to me about a lot of his music HIStory era and after.  It was very foretelling, almost prophetically so. Kinda freaks me out.  It’s like he was going years before he was gone.  It’s like something was preparing us, the world, his fans, and even him, for the end.  From Gone Too Soon (that I know he wrote about Ryan White, but still it’s ironic, creepily so) to Heaven Can wait (and I know there are others I have thought this about but these are the 2 that come to mind right now) as well as the whole movie and songs of Ghosts…I mean, what WAS that?  It makes me think that there is some pattern in life that tells us when and how we are going to die…something that we cannot see but that maybe our spirit can, and can express it, this knowledge, vicariously through us (re: song, dance, poetry, art, etc.), and maybe…maybe… if we pay attention, we can clue ourselves in.  (just a theory - sorry if too deep for some MJ fans - I cannot help who I am)

Love you MJ forever more


Michaels smile can warm the coldest heart.

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